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Viveka is a Transformational Life Coach and Mental Health Facilitator.

Her workshops and one-on-one sessions create an environment of support and alignment with your purpose and teach you how to manage the stresses of your everyday life.

She has a strong professional ethic which goes a long way in creating a trust-based relationship with her clients.

This foundation is nurtured within a confidential and reassuring  framework of exploring one's inner landscape, one step at a time, in a collaborative manner.

With almost a decade of work experience, Viveka's insights are welcome and appreciated for their holistic nature, and her approach can be best described as a blend of empathy and inspired facilitation.

Annupuma Mitra

The session with Viveka perfectly mapped to my state of mind. She is very good at helping you centre yourself and tune into your energies. 

Fiona Gulec

I have immensely enjoyed and benefited from Viveka's meditation workshop.Not only have I learnt a lot, I have also taken away thoughts, ideas and practices that I can draw upon in my day to day life.

The meditations have reinvigorated me and brought back peace of mind into my life.

Imogen Irving

Viveka has an intuition, a lovely warmth of spirit and insight.

I always come away feeling restored, nourished and with a golden nugget of insight that without her presence I couldn't hear.

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The Yourtime Method

Online Transformation Programe

​At The Yourtime Method, we firmly believe everyone including you, has the ability to live a healthy fulfilling life.

Inspiration Paradise

Healthier and Happier From Home

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Amy Gwilliam- Performer, Faciliattor, Activist

Amy and Viveka have Collaborated on a number of workshops on the themes of creativity and wellbeing

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Fiona Gulec- Reiki Master, Teacher and Healer

Fiona has trained Viveka and they have Collaborated on a number of workshops Reiki, Sound Healing and Wellbeing.

The Monobox

Anamcara Yoga Retreats

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