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Viveka's Story

Viveka Chauhan worked in film and visual anthropology for many years, and continues to combine her interest in socio-cultural studies with her passion for and training in psychology.


She offers one-on-one mental health and wellness coaching sessions as well as workshops and trainings.


This is a space to foster nurturing and growth in areas of our life through our innate capability to heal from within. When we engage in a dialogue with our inner selves we can face our limiting beliefs and cultivate better aspects of ourselves.


She has trained in group facilitation coaching and counselling as well as mindfulness-based practices that help balance the stressors of everyday life, work situations, relationships and big life transitions.


Viveka combines eastern wisdom practices with psychology and conducts workshops to teach mindfulness, emotional resilience, somatic embodying and self-healing techniques.

Originally from India, she is based in the UK where she offers in-person services, and conducts online sessions for people worldwide.



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Viveka is always happy to connect to  answer questions about booking sessions or to do collaborations with people for workshops and talks.

Do get in touch!

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