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3 ways in which self care saved me from burnout in the midst of a high pressure transition.

Recently I found myself in a situation where I had to move apartments right in the midst of the Covid19 Lockdown in London. As you can imagine, this isn't an ideal situation to find oneself in, but because I had given my notice at my earlier place, I didn't have a choice but to move out. Luckily I was able to do some viewings in the same area just before the lockdown and then got some socially distanced help from some kind neighbours and managed to move to the new place.

Here are three ways in which I was able to keep my cool and manage self care in the midst of all the change:

Asking for help-

Though this seems like the most obvious thing to do, it is often the last thing that comes to mind for many of us in the midst of a crises. We get into survivor mode and take on much more than we can chew. I was able to reach out to my neighbours, and that made the move much easier and less stressful.

I also kept my support system going through this time of transition. I called family when I felt a bit blue, or called a good friend to vent when I felt a bit frustrated. Often we hesitate to reach out, thinking that we would be a burden, when in fact people in our lives are often glad to be around during your time of crises. I have made a few mentors in my life, and during times that are challenging, the words of mentors can be especially potent and apt.

Simple Breathing-

I have learnt over the years that just simple breathing techniques can immediately calm the nervous system very quickly. When in the midst of busy schedules, we often forget to breathe properly, and we get into a kind of fight or flight mode. This heightens anxiety and tension in the system, which can over time lead to system overload, so to speak.

A few simple breathing techniques even for ten minutes in the midst of work, or in my case, apartment moves in the midst of a pandemic, can make all the difference between sailing through or burnout.

Creativity without perfectionism-

Many people feel that creativity is only meant for some people, in fact people are all creative in one way or another. Creativity could mean creative ways of problem solving. For me creativity has been a great stress buster right from my childhood days. I have learned over time that being creative can be something that I can hone and develop and that I do not have to showcase every art piece or piece of writing that I produce. In the midst of my transition I took time off during the mornings and evenings to do something creative- a creative balm for anxious times. I would do some sketching, so some singing, be creative with my cooking.

So those were some ways that helped me cope and maintain my self care routine during a high pressure transition phase.

What are some of the ways that have helped you during high pressure situations?

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